Black Bart’s Treasure

Black Bart's Treasure
Black Bart’s Treasure by Mark Marchetti

Black Bart Roberts was one of the most successful pirates during the golden age of piracy. Unlike most pirates of his era who lived in the moment, Black Bart had planned to retire from piracy and had a plan. His treasure had been hidden away in various locations to fund his retirement years. Unfortunately for Black Bart, the English Navy caught up to him and killed him before he could put his retirement plan into action… leaving much of his treasure unclaimed.

Almost three hundred years later, a movie producer, Charlie Albatross, approaches Black Bart’s distant relative, Nick Roberts with a proposal to become partners in a documentary film venture. He pays a visit to Lizard Key, Nick’s private island, where he explains how he has found one of Black Bart’s treasure ships. Charlie wants Nick’s help in recovering the treasure but Charlie Albatross has a dark, sorted past as a producer of kiddie porn films and is heavily linked to the Jimmy Savile/BBC sex scandal. Several foreign governments are after Charlie because of information he has linked to the scandal… information that could rock the British government to its core! Charlie’s plan is to use the blackmail information to stay alive and the documentary film to get back to Hollywood and become a legitimate film maker… financed by the treasure he plans to steal.

What Charlie doesn’t fully realize is Nick Roberts is a modern day pirate and smuggler who works for several of the same governments hunting for him. When governments want things done in a covert fashion with no links back to them, they do business with Nick. Nick Roberts has no intention of letting Charlie find or keep any treasure… he believes any treasure belonging to Black Bart Roberts is pirate treasure and rightfully his. Charlie Albatross will soon find out foreign governments hunting him and finding treasure are the least of his worries.

The pirates are back! Welcome back to Lizard Key! Black Bart’s Treasure is the sequel to the novel Lizard Key.

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