Texas Jack: Scalphunters: A Novel of the Old West (A Texas Jack Western)

Texas Jack: Scalp Hunters

Texas Jack: Scalp Hunters

The fast-paced, action-packed second Western adventure in the new “Texas Jack Western” series from Mark Marchetti!

The Texas-Mexican border was a dangerous place in 1875. Outlaws and Indians crossed the border with ease keeping the law… what little of it there was, at bay. Of all the outlaws and bandits, the one known as ‘El Diablo’ was the worst. He made his living robbing, killing, stealing cattle, taking hostages and scalp hunting. He was a psychopath in every sense of the word and a man to be feared.

Ten years after the Civil War ended, Jack McKenna returned home. He had been a famous hero in the war, known as ‘Texas Jack’.  Mystery surrounded him in the years before he returned home to Filo, Texas, a small border town. It was rumored he had been a train robber, a gunman, a hired killer… and while some of that might have been true, the fact was most believed he was dead.

When he does return and tries to settle back into the peaceful life of a rancher, trouble comes calling in the form of ‘El Diablo’. When ‘El Diablo’ takes his former commander and father-in-law, Colonel Clayborn hostage, the U. S. Calvary and the Texas Rangers can’t cross the border to rescue him. It’s up to ‘Texas Jack’ and his friends to come to his aid.

In the process, Jack relies on his friendship with the Apaches and a convicted horse thief for help. He also learns the secret of who ‘El Diablo’ really is, why Colonel Clayborn was the target and who is paying him to collect scalps. 

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