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6 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Mark,

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I always knew you had hidden secrets about you! I’m starting to read your book and looking forward to it.

    Happy New Year to you, Pam and the family

  2. Hi Mark,

    I misplaced your business card after putting it in my uniform at the graduation and just found it today. I apologize for the long delay.

    The Public Safety Writing Association’s (PSWA) website is

    Hope all is well with you!
    Talk soon,

    1. Hello Harriet,
      This is a message from your past. I’m still alive and still writing books. My tenth novel was just published. I retired from the Police Academy in 2017. We fled CA and now live between our homes in Star, ID and Catalina Island. Are you still working? Still writing? Hope you had a great Christmas. I’m also on Facebook. Happy new year as well. Mark Marchetti

  3. Hi Mark, enjoyed your article in the Catalina islander about Cotton Rosser. He and my dad worked together. My dad was on the board for the Fiesta Rodeo in Santa Barbara. He used Cotton’s stock. I had forgotten all about him until I read you story. Good job.

  4. Thanks, again, for the copies of MORGAN HAWK’S LAST RIDE and ROCKY… Nice writing. Just got word that my recent COUGAR was in the top 100 with ONCO. Who’da tho’t? Your experiences in SCUBA must have given you some interesting stories. Maybe Texas Jack could use some primitive SCUBA to solve a crime by diving in lake Caddo? It’s 20′ deep, max. Continue to have a good life. Bob Manns

    1. Hello Bob! Hope you and your family had a great Christmas. We’re back on the island for the winter season. Much too cold in Idaho in winter for me. My new book, ‘Lynching at Stone Creek’ is out. Stay well and happy new year. Mark Marchetti

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