Texas Jack: The Ranger

The Ranger is the prequel to the novel Texas Jack!

This brand new adventure follows the story of a young man named Britt Logan who is a member of a wagon train on the way to Oregon in 1852. He and his parents are among just a few non-Mormons in a Mormon wagon train heading to the Salt Lake Valley. Their plan was to leave the train at the South Pass and head to Oregon with another train, but when Britt’s parents are killed by an influential member of the church, Britt finds himself on the run.

Britt heads south, straight into Indian Territory, to escape the men who will be on his trail. He finds himself alone with just his faithful dog, Pal, in the middle of nowhere with no idea of where he’s going when he meets Ben Lockwood, a Texas Ranger. Lockwood is heading back to Texas after tracking down a killer and gains his trust. He invites Britt to come along to Texas… a good place to start over.

As they head south, Britt learns about the life of a Ranger and develops an admiration for Ben Lockwood. He learns how to survive in the wild plus an attack by Comanches. They finally make it to the Rangers’ headquarters where Britt decides to join up and becomes a Ranger, although he will only be able to ride with Rangers on fights with Indians. It will take time for him grow, get older and receive training, but he will be on his way to becoming a famous Texas Ranger.

Time moves forward and Britt leaves the Rangers after tracking down Ben Lockwood’s killer. He gets married and settles down but ends up conscripted during the Civil War. With so many Texas men off at war, hostile Indian tribes were on the move. Towards the end of the war, Britt is wounded and finds out his family has been killed and his ranch burned by Comanches. He returns home to nothing and re-joins the Rangers, dedicating himself to the defense of Texas.

Years later he crosses paths with a man named Jack McKenna, ‘Texas Jack’, in Laredo. A Civil War hero, who most people believe died in the war or was possibly an outlaw, ‘Texas Jack’ is returning home ten years after the war ended when he’s confronted by a couple of bounty hunters. Britt intercedes on Jack’s behalf but in the end, there’s a shootout with the bounty hunters. When Ranger Logan and ‘Texas Jack’ leave Laredo, they are heading the same direction and decide to ride together… It isn’t long before they ride straight into trouble!

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