Texas Jack: Showdown at Cedar Gulch

A Western Adventure: Texas Jack Book 8

When Jack McKenna, also known as ‘Texas Jack’, and Tommy Vee were given the assignment by the people of Filo, Texas to go to Cedar Gulch and escort the town’s new schoolteacher back, it seemed to be a simple task. Since there was no stagecoach or train service between Cedar Gulch and Filo, it would be a one week trip each way. All they needed to do was ride to Cedar Gulch and return with the new schoolteacher.

The schoolteacher, Annie Wallace, is going to have another person arrive in Cedar Gulch to find her in addition to Jack McKenna and Tommy Vee. A young man named Luke Weatherby. Luke was her father’s partner, and he is bringing her news of her father’s death and a message for her.

Luke has problems. There’s a group of vigilantes hot on his trail and they’ll follow him to Cedar Gulch. Annie has a problem as well. The town is controlled by a wealthy man by the name of Eli Finley. Finley wants Annie to marry him and is preventing her from leaving Cedar Gulch, trying to force her into the marriage.

Jack and Tommy are unknowingly riding into Luke and Annie’s trouble, including the corrupt town sheriff, a man hired to do Finley’s bidding. The sheriff, Leroy Bell, is a gunman who killed a friend of Tommy Vee’s. It will all end in a showdown at Cedar Gulch.

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