Texas Jack: Morgan Hawk’s Last Ride

A Western Adventure: Texas Jack Book 6

The Kansas/Missouri border was a dangerous place during the Civil War and in the years that followed. Kansas entered the Union as an anti-slavery State only months before the war started and was bordered by the Pro-slavery State of Missouri. ‘Border Ruffians’ like William Quantrill fought for the Confederacy while ‘Free Staters’ and ‘Jayhawkers’ fought for the Union. They were all guerrilla fighters led by men of often questionable morality. There was only some measure of legitimacy given to them by the Confederate and Union governments respectively because they claimed they were fighting for the same cause. The results on both sides was the same… people killed while towns were sacked and burned.

During the last years of the war, many smaller groups split off from the larger, more well-known groups. While they continued to claim legitimacy as soldiers, they were really no more than common thieves and killers. Twin brothers, Ron and Ray Lucas were men of that type. Prior to the war ending they committed a crime that put Morgan Hawk, a Cherokee Indian, on their trail. 

Morgan Hawk wants revenge… not justice. Justice is a term referring to the white man’s law. As a Cherokee he was raised in the white man’s world but he knew the white man’s justice would not apply to him. He would seek vengeance as an Indian. To a Cherokee, to forgive an act of violence was considered weak and shameful… revenge was a noble virtue and was necessary to restore balance and order. Morgan has another problem, he’s dying. He needs to track down these men and take his revenge before he dies.

While on the trail of the Lucas Brothers, Morgan Hawk finds himself in Nebraska where he chances to meet Jack McKenna… ‘Texas Jack’. Jack helps Morgan but only to a degree. He knows he can’t become too involved because the taking of his revenge is personal to a Cherokee… he must be allowed to fight his own battle. When Morgan becomes sick one night they seek shelter at a homesteaders ranch owned by Kate Quimby. Kate’s husband has been murdered as a result of a range war going on between homesteaders and cattlemen. Now, as Morgan Hawk seeks his revenge, Jack finds himself in the middle of a range war and finds he and Morgan have a common enemy.  

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