Terror of the Flesh Eater

Ralph Glidden (1881-1968) was a self-proclaimed, self-taught archeologist who lived on Catalina Island from the age of fifteen. He was primarily viewed as a charlatan, self-promoter, and grave robber but he did discover over 800 grave sites and 4000 skeletons on Catalina Island. He was the curator of a morbidly bizarre museum where he displayed the bones taken from the graves. Shelves held up with thigh bones displayed sculls among a variety of other artifacts. Towards the end of his life, he claimed to have uncovered the secret history of Catalina’s past, a race of ‘White Indians’ and a race of giants that inhabited the island. He related a tale of finding the grave of a ‘Royal Princess’ buried in a ceremonial 138-pound urn with a group of sixty-four children buried with her and at the bottom of the grave, the skeleton of a seven-foot, eight-inch giant. Mainstream scientists rebuffed him and his findings, thoroughly discrediting him. His claim was never validated and his collection of skeletons, reportedly sent to several museums, has never been seen again.

Additionally, in 1913, a German Doctor, A. W. Furstenan reported finding an eight-foot human skeleton which disintegrated when exposed to air leaving only the skull, jawbone, and foot intact.

July 8th, 1947, Avalon, Catalina Island. Two groups of three UFO’s, flying saucer craft were seen flying from the direction of the mainland area of Los Angeles, westbound over Avalon, disappearing over the Pacific Ocean. While there have been numerous reports of unidentified flying objects and USO’s, unidentified submerged objects around Catalina Island for many years, this sighting is notable. It was the same day a flying saucer was reported to have crashed at Roswell, New Mexico.

Did Ralph Glidden actually discover giant skeletons? Did he really uncover a secret about Catalina’s past? Was he unfairly discredited? What about Doctor Furstenan and what he found? Are the UFO and USO sightings somehow part of it? Is there an alien presence on Catalina Island? And when some gruesome, brutal deaths take place on the island, how are they connected?

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