Allah’s Scorpion

The American cowboy is an icon recognized worldwide. Cowboys represented courage, independence, self-reliance and the freedom of the new frontier. Western stories of the old wild west are a classic staple but if you believe there are no longer cowboys around, you’d be wrong. Cowboys are still very much a part of the American landscape and living the cowboy code is still their way of life.

When an Islamic terrorist known only by the name Allah’s Scorpion is hired by a radical Muslim sect to attack the United States with a weapon of mass destruction, the plan is only partially completed. Allah’s Scorpion escapes with a few men from the terrorist cell who are helping him. They flee to a place away from a major city where they believe the authorities will be looking for them and go to Montana.

When they are finally tracked to the ‘Lazy M’ ranch, the authorities find they have killed several hunters who were going on an elk hunt. The terrorists have taken the hunting guide and his daughter hostage and forced them to take them to a safe place to hide until they can resume their plan of attack.

The Homeland Security agent leading the investigation and hunt is reluctantly forced by his boss to turn to two local cowboys, Cody Dunsmore and Travis Lillard, to track down the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Both men have served in the military but are true cowboys and Cody is very familiar with the agent in charge. They have a contagious relationship dating back to their military days. The agent is more concerned with capturing the terrorists and receiving credit to boost his career than the saving of the hostages.

Cody and Travis accept the assignment. Equipped as a cowboy of the 1800’s would be, they will track down the terrorists and dispense justice old west cowboy style.

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Mark Marchetti "Allah's Scorpion" 2023

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