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Recently my newest book, ‘Allah’s Scorpion’ was released in both Kindle and paperback versions. It’s available through Amazon books. This is a modern cowboy story and something a bit out of the normal for me. My publisher asked me to take a stab at it, so I did. I’ve included the text from the back of the book to give you a bit of the story line.

Also, the very first novel I wrote back in 2012 is going to be released as a second edition. I released that book as a ‘self-published’ novel and didn’t have the support I have now. So many mistakes! So, like many authors before me, I went back and made changes and edits so it will now be released as a ‘second edition’ with a new cover that’s currently being worked on.

A new ‘Texas Jack’ book is just about done. It will be going out to my editors in the next few weeks and then the copyright work, cover, etc. will be getting done.

Pamela and I recently traveled to Fiji. We had been planning to travel there for several years but then COVID struck. Originally, we were going to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We made it to Australia in May of 2022 just after the travel ban was partially lifted and we made it to Fiji May of 2023. My main reason for travel there was to dive and photograph tiger sharks… really BIG tiger sharks and the trip did not disappoint. I was scheduled to make two dives with the tigers but was able to do six plus a lot more dives on reefs and ship wrecks… even saw a sea snake.

The people in Fiji were wonderful. We were on an out island where only 850 people lived. Cell phones worked, WIFI was sketchy, no roads or cars. The only way to get to the few villages was on trails through the jungle or a boat. My safety divers were great and saved me on a couple of close calls when I was concentrating on the camera more than the shark. Many of these tiger sharks were 15-18 ft. and the absolute biggest sharks I ever went knowingly into the water with. I’ve attached a few photos. There were also plenty of bull sharks, lemon sharks and black tip and white tip sharks.

We’re well into summer. Hope everyone is having some fun and great adventures. Fly fishing, camping and golf are on our agenda… and writing.

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