Hello to all the fans of this website!

It’s been a while since I posted anything so it’s time to catch up. We finally made the trip to Australia, and I made the dives on the Great Barrier Reef. We weren’t in the normal one-day tourist locations but were WAY OUT in the Coral Sea… normally eight hours from the mainland and were out there for five days. In addition to the reef, we toured the rain forest. The country is way too big to see in one adventure, so we stayed in Cairns, Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef was all I expected it to be. I’ve attached a few shark photos and reef pictures.

Traveling is still a bit difficult but it’s getting better. We were the only Americans staying at our hotel and the only Americans on the dive boat. According to the Aussies, we were the ones who ‘spoke funny’. They were great people and have been held hostage by COVID just like us… and they were ready to party! 

My latest book has recently been released on Kindle and the paperback should be out shortly. This was a new direction for me in that it’s a 1930’s murder mystery. It’s about Victor Grant, a private investigator in 1935 San Francisco and the title is  ‘Lady in Blue’. It’s written in the style of the old film noir… somewhat like the Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe stories of the 1940’s.

It’s camping and fly-fishing season now so we’re off to enjoy the mountains, rivers and lakes. The UTV is tuned up and ready… and it looks like the trip to Fiji is a go! More on that in the future.

Stay well and go out into the wild!

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